Gearing up!

Illusions are currently gearing up!


Heroic Dungeons

At the moment, there are a few groups and a few individuals which help run HCs (Heroics) to help the gearing process! HCs on the group finder require you to be 810+ Item level to queue, but if you are around 800 and people are willing to help, you can go and walk into an HC and start to gear up! Usually there are people in guild who like to do the HC queues to upgrade gear or get the AP (artifact power). So keep an eye out or ask if anyone wants to do a few runs! A tip for doing dungeons is to try to get into groups with people who share the same gear as you (plate, cloth, mail etc) since this would allow you to trade gear if the item isn't an upgrade for someone else (Remember that to trade an item, it must be the same or lower item level than the one you have on).

Mythic Dungeons

Guild members are always asking for people to join Mythic runs (especially on Wednesdays after reset!). Mythics are harder than Heroics and require a little more stuns, interrupts and dispells from everyone who can. This just makes trash packs a lot more controlled and easier to kill. Make sure you read up on tactics as a lot of abilities will one shot you and you will be spending a lot of time hugging the floor! 

Guild people currently ask for 835+ item level in guild chat for Mythic dungeons but it is easily doable with 830+ item level if you have a good group. Of course the higher item level the more dps you put out. But item level means nothing if you die all the time and don't know tactics! So don't be a noobie! If you want to do Mythic dungeons, feel free to ask in guild for people; I'm sure there are many who would love to help out. The gear dops are 840+ item level and can even be Mythic Warforged which is 850 item level! 

As well as this, there are very rare chances that you may aquire a legendary item! As we have had a few lucky people in guild get some legendary boots.

Mythic+ Dungeons will be out the same time as the first raid. So i'm sure these will be in high demand too! So get gearing and get ready for Mythic+ for an extra challenge or join in with our Raid Team! 

You can check WoWhead and other countless sites for guides and more information on any of these dungeon difficulties. Illusions are already having fun and running these dungeons! So come and join in if you haven't already.

Happy gearing and good luck getting those big upgrades.



Posted on 09/09/16 at 01:14