Posts coming soon?!


Hello lovely people! Yes it has been a few months since an article has been posted...(totally not my fault! We just blame Kaps :'3 Even though he has nothing to do with this but whatever!) We are now going to be posting more on here and keep you updated with everything that is happening in Illusions. 


What will be updated?

First of all Quel is going to be changing the logo and we will have a fancy new one! We thought it was time for a change, since we weren't going to keep our old one, it was just used to have something quick and original before we could make something better. Tell us what you think of it and if you have any other ideas for improving the look of our website. 

Secondly, we now have updated progression and recruitment on the right hand side of the website! Woohoo people can now be sure of what classes and roles we need and what our current progression is. 

Thirdly, the Guild members page will finally be updated...since it has been a looooooong time. Everyone in the raid team will have their main character picture and armory linked. So if you aren't sure who is in the raid team or who is an officer, you can see there. 

And last but not least we will have a new article published for your entertainment every week. 


What are we posting?

In the next couple of days we will have an article on raid progression and in detail what we are looking for in terms of the raid team and recruitment. This will allow first time viewers an easy was to see what Illusions are looking for and how far we are currently. 

Then, Quel is going to be creating a article every week! Yes you read correctly. EVERY WEEK! This will be statistic updates on categories such as: Who earned the most AP this week, who has died to drowning, who has earned the most achievements for PvP and so on. So make sure you don't do anything embarrassing because we will be able to see and point it out! ;') This will be an entertaining and fun way to see what guildies get up to during the week. So keep and eye out for that as you may be mentioned first for trying to swim in lava. 


That is all of the updates for now folks. So stay tuned and refresh that browser!


Writer/Editor - Priesttroll and Quelthariel! 

Posted on 03/08/17 at 17:32