Xavius is DEAD!

... and Dead is Xavius (not)

Yes you heard right, Xavius has been killed by Illusions raid team in Heroic difficulty! It feels weird to say we only had 16 wipes in total on Heroic progression. This goes to show how dedicated and how strong our raid team has become. Keep up the good work Illusions and we will be going onto bigger and more challenging adventures. Next stop will be progressing into Mythic when we have a 20man raid team ready.

I just want to express how proud of you we truly are! So keep up the good work and we will kick more butt!

Thank you to all who participated and for all the potions/flask/runes/food and mats people had farmed and given us! Really did help us out :’)

Time for some honourable mentions:

Quel - For calling out and for doing top deeps! Someone really needs to beat his dps...SO GET TO IT! Let's secretly kill him guys ;’)But then again, he would russian hacks and still be OP even when dead (medved)!

Priesttroll - For finally surrendering to madness and using proper (shizzley!) talent! :’3

Sharanna - There were no barrage pulls! Are you sure you are a real hunter?! ;’)  For supplying our dosage of Rainbow generator! 

Dead - For moaning about mages not blinking too quick so you move sooooooooooo slowly...very bad! But veri gud! You also like to terrorise the raid with your ape in a bubble

Jenna - For becoming an Enhancement instead of a resto and for dying all over the places due to the melee curse :’3 But in all fairness you did pretty good damage for someone who had a level 13 artifact ;’)

Ura - Your tanking is on point! Even if you did complain 290382190 times about warriors being shizzle. Just shush your moaning next time and deal with it! GROW SOME BALLS!

Nom - For switching to tank when we needed it. Apart from your zoning outs, you did a pretty good job at tanking! 

Zegrem - For bringing cute pets to stare at :’3 Also to dying on bosses and brings us luck to kill them :’P But stop being a silly little gnome! 

Oxy - For not falling asleep during raids and heavily supporting coffee industry :’3 Don’t worry we will supply you with more coffee for your birthday! What kind do you like?!

Pip - For getting too much corruption and always being Mind controlled! Was fun killing you over and over though :’3 And thanks for lending me your tree form :’D

Xam - For persistence and eventually pulling off 200% even though you didn’t feel well :’3 And for bringing that cow booty...that some of us avoid!

Kaps - You suck...That is all. And for not healing us enough resulting in wipes! How dare you call yourself a healer! Also, where were the healing callouts?! P.s Change your priest’s name! 

Miasma - For being there for all the wipes and missing out on the kill because you knocked a drink over and it blew your computer up! Maybe next time you will be more careful :’3


Until next time folks! 

Posted on 10/15/16 at 16:32