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Protection Warrior - Urathos - 08-20-2016

Protection Warrior is your standard Sword and Board tank, that uses Block and Crit Block from Shield Block and Absorbs from Ignore Pain to metigate damage, a really steady and solid strong tank in almost every scenario. The changes for Legion with Rage being generated mostly from taking damage now.
Heres a little formula for it:
Rage generation formula for warriors is roughly 1 rage for every 2% of hp lost. They'd recently reconfigured the formula to be a more static figure, accounting for your ilvl rather than pure max hp percentage. For example, say I have a massive Stam trinket and pop Last Stand. My max HP is highly inflated. Let's just say I end up with about 3 million hp. Under the old formula I would need to take about 60k damage to get 1 rage (~2% of Max hp if my math isn't awful). The new method would instead configure rage from damage taken at my ilvl not accounting for temporary hp gains or thinks, so it would judge my damage taken as if I had, say, 2 mil hp. NOW that 60k his is going to get me 2 rage. Expand this across an entire encounter and millions of damage, and now you're looking at a lot more use able rage.

Stat Prio:
The new Stat prios for Prot Warr as we look right now will be:
Str being over Crit cause the amount of Str (Atk Power) you have the higher Ignore Pains you will get and cause of our new Rage gain mechanic, you will not gain Rage from Parrys and with Crit increasing Parry chance, its become really low on Prio to get.

Tier 15:
The frist row of talents we got "Shockwave", "Storm Bolt" and Warbringer".
"Shockwave" will most likely end up being the default pick cause an 40 sec CD AoE stun (20 sec if 3+ Targets are hit) will always be welcome.
"Storm Bolt" will offer more single target damage and will provide you with a ranged stun aswell.
I see no use for "Warbringer" to be used at all as of right now.

Tier 30:
The second row we got "Impending Victory", Inspiring Presence" and "Safegaurd".
"Impending Victory" will not be a good raid talent, it will most likely be used for leveling and maybe some 5 man content.
"Inspiring Presence" will most likely be the strong default talent to pick, since it provides your whole raid with some healing (Healing for 3% of the damage they deal) Notice you wont get this buff yourself as the Warrior using it, but its still the probadly most solid choice.
"Safeguard" got its uses for some fights were you will need more defensive CDs on raid members or your tank partner and with Intervene having 2 charges, you will be able to cover alot of scenarios with this.

Tier 45:
The third talent row we got "Renewed Fury", "Ultimatium" and "Avatar".
"Renewed Fury" give us back the old enrage mechanic as Prot, with Ignore Pain giving us 10% damage for 6 secs everytime we use Ignore Pain, it can have its good uses on high damage fights were you will put out alot of Ignore Pains.
"Ultimatium" i dont see a scenario were "Ultimatium" will be good, since we trying to get rit of all our Crit so we will have more Rage to spend on Shield Blocks, Ignore Pain and Focused Rage.
"Avatar" is really strong pick, since it lines up good with Battle Cry and it also removes slow and snares, which again boost the Warrior mobility in raids.

Tier 60:
"Warlord's Challenge", "Bounding Stride" and "Crackling Thunder".
"Warlord's Challenge" got really no use in a raid scenario, unless the boss spawns mobs far away and you want them to move quicker to you, but i dont see this ever being used in its current state.
"Bounding Stride" i dont see a use for this in raid, unless you have a fight with alot of movement, otherwise this will be good for soloing old content, maybe speed 5 mans, but the lower CD and 70% movement speed is probadly best used for old content.
"Crackling Thuner" will probadly be the default raid and dungeon talent, since the 100% increase on Thunderclap range, is really strong, making it go from 8 yards to 16 yards is a huge deal and will help alot with AoE aggro.

Tier 75:
"Best Served Cold", "Never Surrender" and "Indomitable"
"Best Served Cold", i dont really see a use for this talent, unless you got some heavy AoE all the time, it fits good together with "Into the Fray (Tier 90 talent) but otherwise compared to the other two talents in the same row, it just looks weak.
"Never Surrender" will make Ignore Pain ignore up to 75% more damage based on our missing health, a really strong ability if you find yourself sitting at low HP alot, it will max its effect around 50% or so HP, so if you find yourself sitting at 50% HP alot, this will be the best pick.
"Indomitable" increase our current HP with 25% and increases Ignore Pains effect by 25% to, a really good solid pick for most things, if you dont find yourself sitting at low HP alot, but both "Never Surrender" and "Indomitable" will be the best raid picks as of right now, with "Never Surrender" probadly being the stronger pick.

Tier 90:
"Vengeance", "Into the Fray" and "Booming Voice"
"Vengeance" will probadly be the default pick, just cause of how it makes everything flow, everytime you use Ignore Pain the cost of Focused Rage is reduced from 30 to 15 and when Focused Rage is used reduce the cost from 20-60 Rage to 10-30 Rage on Ignore Pain, which give this nice rotation to it.
"Into the Fray" is a good AoE talent, it increases your Haste by 3% for every enemy in range, up to 5 enemies, so a total of 15% more Haste with 5 enemies will reduce the CD on alot of your abilities alot and that way give more Rage to spend on Shield Blocks and Ignore Pain to survive, but its still weaker then "Vengeance" and "Booming Voice".
"Booming Voice" this talent aint really good in raids, but for Mythic+ dungeons and just HC dungeons if you need a little extra burst of damage to kill the boss, but for progression and if you dont have it on 100% farm, "Vengeance" will probadly be your pick.

Tier 100:
"Anger Management", "Heavy Repercussions" and "Ravager"
"Anger Management" is a good pick if you need to have your defensives up more frequently and it makes "Avatar" line up really nice with Battle Cry.
"Heavy Repercussions" is a really strong pick for tanking bosses that melee alot, since it will get you to that point were you can keep Shield Block up 100% of the time, so a really solid pick.
"Ravager" is a good talent for trash and for burst AoE on boss fights together with the use of Battle Cry, it also increase your surviability cause of the 30% Parry increase for 12 seconds. But overall "Anger Management" and "Heavy Repercussions" will most likely be your talents to pick for raiding and progressing, with "Ravager" being a good leveling, dungeon talent, and also shines on burst AoE and DPS output when you have the raid on farm.

This is the end of my Protection Warrior guide, keep in mind this is just some of my opinions and stuff ive been able to read, so if you dont aggre with me its okay!
Artifact route etc will be added later on!
And keep in mind EVERYTHING is subject to change later on, specially according to Stat Prios and that some talents might get buffed or nerfed.


RE: Protection Warrior - Urathos - 08-21-2016

Helpful "Ignore Pain" WA that shows your current IP absorb and how big your next one will be, and with orange text if your will overcap the IP so you dont waste Rage on that: