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Raiding Addons
Here are a list of addons that are useful for raids! 

Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs Bossmods 
These addons are used for boss encounters that consists of individual timers that trigger an alert message/time bars/sounds that tell you which mechanic is going to be thrown your way next! 

Exorsus Raid Tools
This addons has many different functions. The modules it contains are: Raid CDs, Fight logs, Notes, Raid checks, Timers, Bossmods, Loot to chat, Who Pulled, Raid inspect and many more features. This addon is useful for many reason but my personal favourite is the Note tool as it can be placed there throughout a fight so if you forget something you can easily be reminded!

Skada or Recount
Both of these addons are used mainly to look at damage and healing output after a fight or wipe. You can scroll through the categories to see healing done, overhealing, damage done, threat, enemy damage, damage taken, interrupts, dispels and many more. I would highly recommend getting Skada as you can see and compare dps right then and there instead of looking at Logs. 

WeakAuras or TellMeWhen
WA or TMW are powerful and efficient addons that allows you to display customizable frames to indicate buffs and debuffs to your liking: This includes CDS, totems, runes and many more! These graphics on your screen can flash or make a sound when you have the ability off cooldown or if you have a debuff on you. 
WA is also very nice to have because if you find a string of abilities from bosses in raids, you can easily share that with the raid group and everyone will have it! Making it easier to see when you need to change or dodge or move!
Personally I am a big fan of an addon called GTFO
It make the most obnoxious sound whenever you're standing in fire and gives you no chance but to move out of it asap to preserve your own sanity.

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