About Guild/Members

Guild History

Illusions was created on 8th October 2011 by Tangopop and his daughter Priesttroll. A bit of history about the guild; Tangopop was originally the owner and the guild was considered as a leveling guild. This meant it was full of people who did dungeons, daily questions and farmed levels for the community. At this point, most people just did what they enjoyed and it was considered a social guild. Towards the middle of MoP, Priesttroll became Guild Master and lead the Guild into their first Raid with MSV! From there on out, Illusions have been dedicated to making raids and defeating bosses. And we will continue doing this for as long as we shall keep resurrecting!


Guild Members

Guild Master

Priesttroll is the Guild Master and has been running the guild since 2011! Blah blah blah

Co-Guild Master/Second in Command

Quelthariel is second in command and is who you should turn to if you have any problems and the GM isn’t on. He is actually who has made this Website from scratch! Quel is very approachable and will easily help you if you have any questions or concerns. In addition, he is the Raid Leader so will answer or discuss anything you have to say about Raiding.


Urathos is one of our Main officers. He has been with this guild for a long time and is usually the person you go to if you have any class questions (as he has no life and knows waaaay too much on each class). Ura is someone who comes from a high end raiding background so he knows what is to be expected in raids!

Kappyy is our second officer. He is your last resort if the Guild Masters and other Officers are not online. By the way, he likes cats!



Our Schedule will remain the same and not be altered.

Days and times:
Monday - 19ST till 22ST
Wednesday - 19ST till 22ST
Thursday - 19ST till 22ST

If you are joining the raid team we expect you to be able to make the times above. For more information and before you fill out an application, please take the time to read not only the raid rules section, but also the Guild rules section, as this will help create an understanding of what sort of rules are in place.

In addition to those times above, we also do alt runs (usually on a Saturdays) and plan other events for the whole guild to get involved in. These events will always be posted in the calendar for you to sign up if you are interested in going. If alt runs aren’t scheduled, that means it will either be a Tmog run, achievement hunting, fun runs or a free weekend depending on the week and if people can make it. Events are usually created by Priesttroll or an alt of hers, but everyone in the guild can create events! So if you want to make a run you are encouraged to do so.