Guild Rules

First things first, Welcome to Illusions! We hope you enjoy your stay and have fun with the community we have built! Now down to business.

General Rules

1.) A Guild is what you make it, so join in with the discussions but remember to respect each other's opinions and values as they may differ from your own.

2.) Alts, friends, family and even the dog are allowed to join the Guild. Just make sure you notify an Officer or the Guild Master to pop a note in the Guild Roster.

3.) Please AVOID talking about religion and politics as it only causes drama.

4.) If someone does take offence at something you have said, apologize and do one of the following options: change the conversations subject, move the conversation to private whispers or stop and take a timeout from typing until the conversation has been dropped.

5.) If someone is offending you with something they have said, ask them politely to change the conversation topic or take the chat to private whispers. Do not start throwing hate comments or causing arguments as this will result in drama and we don’t want that.

6.) If there is any conflict or disruption in the guild, make sure you contact an Officer or the Guild Master to sort the matter(s) in a mature way.

7.) Do not repeatedly ask for boosts or gold in Guild chat or any other chat. If this happens you will be removed from the Guild.

8.) Don't forget that you are representing the Guild when in pug groups and in other chats, so don't do something that will make you or the guild look like a fool!

Guild Bank Rules

The Guild bank offers and supplies different items from bags and companions to potions, flasks and food; as well as many other items. The first tab is usually full of 16 slot bags (supplied by Tangopop). And the second tab is filled with companions and old school leveling items and things like that. Only Raiders will see the next two tabs (third and fourth) as this tab is filled with potions, flasks, food and raiding gear!

9.) Wanting something from the Guild Bank? Politely ask an Officer or the Guild Leader to retrieve the item and send it to you. Some of the items are free to a good home, but it is always appreciated to give back what you take. So maybe make a small donation!

10.) The Guild Bank items are for the Guild members only. This means you cannot ask or take out an item to give to an alt or friend who isn’t in the Guild!

11.) Do not fill the guild bank with Grey items or use it as a personal bank to store items as you may not have access to get those back without asking!