Raid Rules

1.) Make sure you respond to the calendar invites to ensure you secure a raid spot.

2.) If you cannot make a raid day, you are expected to inform the Raid Leaders of why you cannot attend. Failing to attend 3 raids in a row will result in replacement and you becoming a backup until you are steady.

3.) We expect you to be online 10 minutes prior to the raid time. This is to ensure you are turning up for the raid and to be invited to the group.

4.) Turn up prepared with potions, flask, food and with your gear correctly enchanted and gemmed.

5.) The loot system in place is Person Loot (PL). When you get a piece of gear you do not need, ask the fellow Guild members in raid if they need the item. If no one needs it, please donate the gear to an enchanter to disenchant for the mats to use for your enchants!

6.) Teamspeak (TS3) Is the communication service we use on raid nights. Please make sure you have this installed and updated before the raid.

7.) Download any addons needed before the raid! So ask if any are required prior!

8.) Make sure you have WATCHED/READ/LOOKED UP tactics for boss fights prior to the raid. This not only allows you to see the mechanics of the boss, it also allows you to plan ahead!

9.) If you have any suggestions on how to improve a fight or some tactic you think would work, please pass on this information to the Raid Leaders in a WHISPER and a discussion will be had!

10.) During a raid, if you have any concerns about someone or think someone isn't pulling their weight, DO NOT confront them in raid, guild, say or yell chat! Instead WHISPER that person politely and discuss the issue. If this is a problem for you, then simply ask the Raid Leader to whisper them instead.

11.) The above also applies to TS3 chat! DO NOT be a shitface and moan or chat bullcrap about someone. We will only give you a warning once. If you do break this rule then you will be muted or removed from TS3 for the night.

12.) Be dedicated and enjoy raiding together! Bring a positive attitude and A game to every raid!

In a Raid team, it doesn't matter what team you are on, the Raid Leaders are your Masters. This means they will set the tone of the raid and everything they state will be what is expected and required from you. What the Raid Leader states is final (unless they have turned into some kind of Alien and what they say makes no sense!). If you do have any disagreements, make sure you WHISPER the Raid Leader and explain why you have those disagreements and they will respond.